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Reviews for "Short Circuit"

nice job

it wasent that abd it was pritty cool. The game is a nice time killer a little bit hard but not imposible u should do some more power ups


Very Stylish addicting game. I loved how the astericks moved with the music.

You've got my 5/5

My god... a GOOD flash music game!

Thats a helluva feat. Everytime i see a music game on here i'm extremely skeptical. Good job. Nice choice of music, very fitting with the mood of the game and the control style. I'd say you could make the controls more complex. But thinking back i think it's simplicity is the key.


That was an awesome game! I just played it several times til I got to the end and it wasnt until after that that I realized you could click to push things away from you >.<

Kudos on a great game though!


This game was great! Now I gotta play it some more