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Reviews for "Short Circuit"

I remember this =p

First off...I <3 Daft punk and 2ndly this is a game I instantly remembered when I heard their song. Tis why I am here writing this. You're game is very creative and amazing that is changes with the music. If you have any ideas for any other of their songs I recommend you go along with it....I like what I seen here (hence the 10-10)
Good work =)


Its entertaining. Very good game. Nicely done.

Loved it

apart from the colors, i had an easy time, but probably because my computer's brightness is low... anyway, i found that i didn't need the repulse

Addicting, but...

It's pretty fun and addicting but my eyes are hurting trying to look at really light colors on a white background. I had to stop playing solely because of the fact that it was giving me a headache to strain to see the asterisks. I'm playing this on a laptop with a bright screen, too, so that didn't help. As someone else stated, the idea of pink (or most of the other colors for that matter) on a white background is not a good idea unless you use it occasionally for a sort of stealthy asterisk or whatever. Aside from that, it was fun.


This is one of the better music games on newgrounds, although I think there should be some way to recharge the repulse ability.