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Reviews for "Short Circuit"

wonderful d-_-b

Wow, I was truly surprised at how fun this turned out to be. It didn't have a lot of detail, but there really was a lot going on. I got a score of like 1700 or something on my first try. On my second, I managed to get all the way to 12,000! That's quite motivational. I love how this game goes through different stages.

You have so little clue on what's going to show up next. I don't even understand the name of the game that much. At least the score is fairly high. I have little idea what's even going on here. I appreciate the unique premise.

man the game is good but i hate the part of song getting cut off man


The only thing that could make this game better is to keep the music playing when you mess up. I hate hearing Daft Punk cut short; I was listening to that!

I know this music!

15230, must be the same highscore to everyone who beat, you should make a little change e in the score system ^^, or a bonus for the amounth of the power bar left.

Make with another music, pleeeeeeeease *-*