Reviews for "Johnny Rocketfingers 2"


I can't say it enough, you are the example of the veteran flash artist.

Great job!


Walkthrough -
Scene 1 - you'll be stuck with three thugs. Click on the ashes (inside the ashtray), and the beer bottle. Then click on the beer bottle, and smash the beer bottle against the countertop in the CENTER OF YOU. Click the ashes and you'll fight the Thugs. Then after you beat them up, pick up a card.

Scene 2 - There are armed thugs outside your house. You have to leave by some other way. You need three things - a chain, a knife, a key and a quarter. Click on the knife - on the wall that's written "Johnny rules". Then, click on "under couch" for a quarter and a knife. Last, click on the chain next to the lightbulb on the ceiling. Then click on the key and open the window to a fire escape.

Scene 3 - Outside the window. Grab the pigeon, and get yourself pissed and wanting to revenge. Then, outside the windowsill will be a small pink thing. Pick that up - it's a gum, and COMBINE IT WITH THE CHAIN. MEGA IMPORTANT. Now go down the ladder.

Scene 4 - You can go either left or right. Go right and inside that liquor store. There will be two things, but get the 40 beer bottle inside the barrel. Then, scroll around the right wall for a crack. Slip the beer bottle inside the crack. Leave the store.

Scene 5 - Go left this time and look for that crack OUTSIDE THE STORE. Now, click on the crack with the hand and you get the beer bottle out. Keep going until you find a garbage can. Get a stale bread from it. Then, keep going until you see a bum. Give the bottle to him to knock him out. Then, click on the can next to him for money (poor guy :P), and steal his money. Then, go back to the liquor store to buy the selzter. Grab it, and then talk to the clerk to buy it like an HONEST customer X_X.

Scene 6 - leave the store and go back to the center. Climb up that ladder to the fire escape. Combine the seltzer tabs with the stale bread and feed it to the pigeon to blow him up. Then grab his nest for a hairpin. Leave the fire escape.

Scene 7 - Next to you will be a parking meter. Use the pin you got and jack that meter for a ton of money. Now, go right all the way until you see a shady guy. Talk to him and ask for info on the thugs. He'll require you to find a lighter for him. It's under the sewers.

Scene 8 - Use the knife to pry open the drain (it's on the road), and go inside. Then, go all the way left, but you'll be stopped by a crocodile. Leave the sewers.

Scene 9 - now go inside that alleyway, and you'll see someone dumping out garbages, use the knife to stab open that bag and take the stuff. You'll get a half-eaten hamburger, a plier, a screwdriver, and a G2 scrabble piece. Go back down the sewers.

Scene 10 - inside that sewers, you'll find a vertical pipe. (Scroll around until you find a "pipe" at the bottom), and use the pliers to open it. Now, click on the hole in the center to hide (use the hand) and drop the hamburger outside. Then, when the crol comes to eat, use the pipe and attack. CHARGE ATTACK! NO!! IT'S NOT WORKING! Johnny you dumbass. The croc gets pissed and drives you against a corner. MEGA DANGER. There will be two things in that corner - a wheel and a panel. Use the pliars to loosen the wheel, then use the hand to turn it. Next, use the quarter to loosen the panel, then use the knife and open it. Then, examine the panel with the eye and place the scrabble piece inside that missing button. Click on it to blast a jet of water on the croc. Go out of the hole. Last, but not least, go all the way left until you see a pile of treasure. Click around for a lighter, then use the chain combined with the gum to get the lighter. Leave the sewers, and talk to the shady dude to give him the lighter. After he tells you what you need, go all the way left to the bum, and there will be a bus there! Click on the money you got from the parking meter and click on the bus. You'll be taken to place. Then, go down that alley, and then the game will end there.

Finaly A game worth playing!

It is so rarely that you play a game like this, I had to write a review about it!

1# This Game is incredibly hard. You will find out in the first sequence just how tricky it really is (it took me 1 hour to figure out lol). But because it is so hard, unfortunately, it will turn some people off, but just look very closely at EVERY screen. You can right click and it will give you cursor to use as well so that helps if you are having problems.

2# Everything is top notch, from the graphic quality to the violence and even a well interjected belly laughs when the game gets to serous. It can consume a whole day of play depending on how good you are with these games, but it is well worth it.

3# Even the story line was well though up, and not one that you will voluntary skip the Cut Scenes. It almost like playing out a movie, and I don’t say that lightly.

The only thing missing from this game is the lack of voices for the people, but that was really not a drawback in the whole scope of the game.

A Must play for NG Fans! 10 out of 10!

you are my HERO

i think this game is one of if not the best out there the only thing close is tomorrows nobodys and johnny rocketfingers 1 this is my word


This game was so fun to play, I had lucusarts flashbacks. Too bad stopped making those types of games. If there was a full JR game, I would buy it.