Reviews for "Johnny Rocketfingers 2"


I never thought I'd see a sequel to this game...I'm amazed!

Thank you so much for such a great game!

Very good

From what I've seen, this looks good. Except I haven't seen much, cuz I can't even beat the thugs. So what If I'm pathetic?

Still, good work.

This game is badass!!!

Even playing this game can make someone feel like areal tough guy. After waiting for a long time, you made a perfect intoduction for this interactive movie. The graphics are great and still unique as ever. Even though Johnny is a stickman, you still pat attention to the hands and other details such as the environments and the thugs. The style is still cool with the interactive movie idea and you executed it superbly. The sound is in a loop, and can get annoying at the beginning. There's violence from the hitting someone with a plank, to gun shots, and is very fun to watch. Even though this is a badass kill em' style game, you still managed to put humor in it. I love the humor. Overall, superb game and you didn't dissapoint. Even the graphics were great by itself.
Grade: A+


Yeah I was wondering when this was going to come out. Really good graphics and style. I think a difficulty setting would have made it a little better.

Very well waited

You took your time,polished it up real good,made it shine.Dude,Sweet.