Reviews for "Johnny Rocketfingers 2"


first to last... when ur in the bar. grap the ashes and the beer bottle nest to you. take the bottle and smash it to the countertop. grap th ahes from youre invent. and throw it at the thugs.... then when you are in youre apartment, grap the chain at the ceiling and take fist and go uner the couch. use the key from under the couch to open the window. grab the pink gum from under the windowsill (from the appartement. go down the ladder. when you reach the ground do talk to the shady looking carecter and the right and ask him the questions about THUG.INC, Take the knife to open the sewer drainwith the knife. walk to the hole and wait for the croc. when he comes go back on the suface. go to the alley and a guy should throw some trash in the dumpster. cut it with the knife and go back in the sewer. take the wrench and put it near the rusty pipe. then go in the hole and put the snadwich outside of the pipe. the croc will come and smack it with youre pipe. it will not work and you will be cornerd. that the wrench to open the valve. then use fist to do the rest. take the quarter to take off the srews. then take the knife to open it. take the eye to look at the opended panel and take the G2scrable piece to put in the missing button. press it and the croc will go away. when you will get out of the pipe. combine the chain and gum. walk to the left and you will see treasure and on the top. you should see and little grey rectangle. put the chain with gum to get it. when you do. talk to the shady looking charecter again and thell him you fund the lighter. he will tell you where it is. go to the liquor store and grab the 40 in the barrel. at the pac man game machin, there is a crack. grab the 40 and stick it in. walk to the left until you see the bum there is a other crack near gim. take fist to grab it. give the 40 to the bum and he will pass out. grab his money can and go back to the liquor store. buy the selzster and talk to the clerk buy the fizzy tabs and you can harrass him if you whant. go out of the liquor store and go the the garbage can near the bum and you will get bread. go a bit to the right and climb the high ladder where youre appartement is. mix the fizzy tabs and the bread to give to the bird. he will explode take fist to grab the hairpin in the nest. go back down and use the hair pin to get money from the parking meeter near the bum. get the money and walk to the bus. go on th bus to go to the place. jhonny will say. I HOPE THIS PLACE IS EASY TO FIND. you will see a big red neon light sign and walk to it. the game will play for its self after that. hope this helps!


no doubt that this has been the best flash game I've ever played.
Man you really know your job. its too bad i couldn't solve it to the end. I have got rid off the croc but know what? can't find the lighter. Help would be useful thank you. But 10 out of 10!

frickin awesome

That was one of the most awesome games i ever played in my entire life. I love how you make the movie parts it's cool animation. I love the fight scenes the most. I just wish i could've seen johnny kick the cowboy guy's ass. Thanks for putting more joy in my life. I hope there's a 3rd.

Hell damn yeah!

Ah hehe that was like a medication to treat the psychical wounds you get from all the shit on TV today. A bit much puzzling but it all checks out. Make more Rocketfingers flash! he's the god on the internet now!


Great art and animation, but I'm getting really tired of "thug culture" games. I guess that's what appeals to NG, though.