Reviews for "Johnny Rocketfingers 2"

just really hard and i found no walkthrough

Childhood blast from the past

Amazing storyline graphics for a stickman based game, great characters truuelly awesome for the perfect murder thug life gamer mixed with jokes that'll crack u up

A great sequel to the original game. The graphics look great, and are very detailed. There is plenty of action and violence. The addition of humor was a nice touch.

This game is fun I will give you that. But it shares a problem with a lot of other point and click games. This isn't hard because you have to figure out how to solve the problem this is hard because sometimes you just don't have the right items and you have to backtrack to every scene and scan around for items. Unlike games such as portal 2 where you have everything in front of you and you think through the puzzles, this is more of just guessing through the items. I can see an appeal in that, but it isn't the cup of tea because I don't feel smart after solving it.