Reviews for "Pico vs. Uberkids"

i did same

i did the saaaaaame thing as sonicfreack99....



i killed

i killed pico and the other 2 after winning

man tough for me to beat cuz my luck suxxors

I win 5 times in a row they still dont DIE! then they win and my person dies >_< its good though also.....y with the 6th round of russian rulete they not shoot the other guy its the 6th round! thats what I would of done Im not killing my self fk that sh*t


FK ! Why even im put my freinds dies at 1-5 or at 1-2 ? even UBERKIDS not dies..WTF ?

pico ^^

pico reminds me a lot of myself if i were to go for a game of russian roulette :) another trick of the trade would be slipping an extra bullet for the other guy ^^ always wanted to play the real thing :3