Reviews for "Virtua Pet"


please make more pets. i got bored with them all.

Q: how long does it take to make it grow?

Honto responds:

I dont remeber exactly but i think they grow in like 3 minutes or so if you dont make them evolve faster by feeding them a lot or playing with them a lot. ty for your review

pretty good

i like the "hanster"

Fine game.

I liked the graphic, but you have to improve sound. A posibilities of grow is very good idea. The buttons are less atractive, in my opinion. And the phases are too long, it should change when you reach all 100 (except hungry, of course).

i really like it

if the graphics are a lil better and i can save my game this is goin to my fav also i would love to put it on my desktop for my desktop pet ^-^


Woot. I saved this from being blammed ^_____^

I thought it was pretty fun. I liked the different animals and such. Good job.