Reviews for "Virtua Pet"

Pretty Cool

Um, It was nice, but i dunno, i keep everything to the max, except for hunger of course i keep it at 0, and then when i matured (which i waited too long for it), it became the one the worst one (or at least i think that the rat and black crab and dark fish are the bad matures, but i dunno why, i toke good care of them. oh and btw, when i tried to kill the crab (dead one, won't say his name so that people could put him in the password), it said "IT'S ALREADY DEAD, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING", lol nice one...

I love it

I love to step on the hamster i steped on it 57 times in 3 mins

Honto responds:

hahaha XD well done man


This is such a great game with soo much variaty hey mabe we could team up and update this with like more stages and more activities and more animals to by. And prices and buying food would be good too. I don't know a thing about action scripting could you tell me some basic codes you used for this so I can make a simple virtual pet thingy? All I know about actionscript is play(); stop(); and GoToAndPlay(x); so again, great job and if you learn more about actionscripts mabe you, or me, could add much more pets to this game as well is like 5 stages with even more variaty in each one and fancier buttons and what not! It might take a while but it would be so much fun if we did it!!!!! This game right now is fun for a while but then it fades away but then it gets back in a day then fades then gets back.... and if we make ver. 2 then it will make people play it 24/7!!! Lets do it!!! plz.

It was cool!

It said worms ate my zombiecrab, there werent any worms before he died! but i still loved it!

Honto responds:

you probably let the health drop down to 10 and then as soon as worms appeared the pet died instantly.
Thanks for the comment, i'm glad you liked it!

kinda borin after a while but 10/10

it did get quite rubbish after a bit but it was fun killing all the pets and adults and stuff muahahaha yes indeed and u shuld make some more pets and stuff but all in all it was entertainin 10/10