Reviews for "Virtua Pet"

this is ok

its ok could use some sound though

pretty crap

theres not enough to do, and you don't get enough choice over what your pet looks like. you could have at least let us name it :-/


man, this is great! i really hope this isnt blammed!

It's okay...

but it seems like it's impossible to get better than 'don't take good care of it, and it becomes...' Also, it takes too long before each pet matures - I had both of the ones I went through at 0 hunger, maxed mood and muscle for some time before it finally ended.

Lol that was kinda funny

As far as being a game goes, it was alright. It reminded me of playing with those virtual pets back when they were socially acceptable. I liked it when I clicked the kill button and a foot just stomped the hampster into oblivion :)

I think it could have used better sound, perhaps more pets, and maybe a little more interesting gameplay. Other than that, no problem.