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Reviews for "Sceince With Onic 2"

5 years

he should be in hail for 5000 millenia

i need entertainment

p.s next time add a explosions,thing that blow up and other that are exciting


I must learn more.


Fricking beautiful, I'm now humping my chair out of sexual frustration at waiting for SWO3. Get to it, bitches!

P.S Whore in the opening creds music. ya.

That damn Owen....

Lollerskates. ^_^

Mangz, I didn't watch the first Ep of Sceince with Onic, which perhaps made this all the more random for me in the first place, which was definately a plus :D
Took a bit long to get going, but the end result sure was sextastic :) Loved the humor, loved the sexay voice by teh blam king, and nearly gasmed over le Onic. Good work doods, loved it <3

OMGOMG, that voice!

Bobby_Jennings? Am I right? I mean the woman who sings in the intro. Man, she's good. LOCE HER! She really has an angelic voice.
But coz of the discust of the flash, I voted 0.