Reviews for "Meet Pico Clock!"

Nothing great

It was actually kind of irritating. I wish that you used subtitles in this so that we could understand the characters better. Also I could enjoy this a lot more if you threw in at least some frame by frame animation. Also some music during the movie wouldn't hurt. As well as improved backgrounds. I found this kind of dull and not very funny. I understand that it is your first but it is a bad start. You should have at least tried to do some frame by frame. But you didn't and well. This turned out badly.


it was good sorta

lol pube muppet.

Can't go wrong if you have Pube muppet in a flash,hilarous.

ohh man... =[

this is one vid im disliking-----
not to be rude or anything but this vid sux.... =[

well, as long as u had made your first already----I DONT EVEN HAVE A FLASH MAKER

=[ =[ =[


i cannot say i liked it
i cannot say i disliked it.
so ya. there ya go