Reviews for "Pico Sim Date"

great!!! i loved it!

it took me three tries but i got the hang of it and beat the game. XD it was really well made and i do hope you make another one. the dialogue was really unique and the ending was really sweet! i liked your graphics and the fighting scenes were hilarous to me. good job!!

i cant win the game

i just cant win the game i had like 2 dates whit 93 and 1 date whit 73 and she dont want to

I realli like dis game <33

I playd this game alot of times and onlii won once and i keep comeing back to iyt over agen and agen, but i think this game rocked great job on this one =p <333

Hellz Yes

I love this game, just one question...Pico Sim Date 2?

i liked it

in the end she said no to me but i know exactly what i did wrong so im going to try again

do try to kiss her too fast
always always always bring a present for her