Reviews for "Pico Sim Date"

nice job

great job! keep up the awesome work!

OMGz0rz! You win! :D

Hahah, so I've played a ton of these flash dating sims. I'm lame like that. D: But this is probably about the closest thing to a real dialogue (excluding a few things) that one can get in a game that. I love all the emoticons throughout the game. Very funny. The pokemon music was hilarious. Though all the songs were pretty short with an inadequate change-over. That's just a pet peeve of mine though. I agree with the others and a save feature, with a few more things to buy or do. I've always like the idea of choosing the girl I want date. As..well we all do IRL. But 75 days is definitely a good time to keep things challenging and thus making trying for 2 girls pretty much improbable. Because of the 75 days I failed the first time. Which has never happened before. Managing my time was more of an issue in this then most games, which is a freaking plus! :D!! More like real life eh? I love the style, very original and cute. Let alone the layout of the the city did seem to have a NG feel. Which is very intuitive and creative of you considering the main char.

By and by, a better change-over in music, if not slightly longer, a few more things to buy and do, and a few more girls to choose from (though I may still end up choosing Nene anyways. XD) would make this game perfect for me. Great job, looking forward to an updated one.

Best Sim Date ever!

Even though i'm a girl, I like to p;asy these kinda games once in a while, to see what choices a guy thinks of, but this is the best UI've played so far! Ther graphics are original, and look like something out of an anime, and the gameplay is really cool! Unlike others, Nene treats you like a nobody at first, which most girls do to a cute guy that likes us XD You have to build a relationship, then go on a date, then kiss. But some unrealistic characteristics of this is that, erm, a high schooler allowed to go to a bar?? I don't think so. Other than that, this game is good! Keep up the good work! I want to see a second game like this! "Pico Sim Marriage"! Arrange your wedding, buy her a ring, propose! Those kinda games are never out. . .One more thing! In most other Sim Dates, you have to hit on more than one girl! But here, your not a playa, just a regular guy trying to hit on a regular girl, not a horny slut!
If your stuck in a fight, right click and select play. You'll automatically win!
Nene's Information:
IQ: 133
Anime: Transal Star
Hip Size: 86
Movie: Into the Shadows
Waist Size: 53
Blood type: A
Clothing: Dremio
Height: 165
Job: Clerk at Dad's slop
Store: M Bottlers
Band: Instantious
Sign: Capricorn
Number: 204 783 4529
Brothers: 2
Birthday: Aug. 17
Email: Sexay_Nene08426
Breast Size XD: 78

great!!! i loved it!

it took me three tries but i got the hang of it and beat the game. XD it was really well made and i do hope you make another one. the dialogue was really unique and the ending was really sweet! i liked your graphics and the fighting scenes were hilarous to me. good job!!

i cant win the game

i just cant win the game i had like 2 dates whit 93 and 1 date whit 73 and she dont want to