Reviews for "Pico Sim Date"

Pretty great, really fun, not many suggestions

The only thing i wouldve changed is made it more interactive, i thought that maybe if pico walked around instead of u just clicking on a building this could be improved, again i think it was really great tho, lots of fun and surprisingly challenging which i liked

I love this game.

this game is cool but is a little hard i mean 75 dayz is a bit too hard 100 should do.

That nazi emo is gay!

I love it, but jesus christ is it hard.

This is by far one of the most fun and addicting dating sims that I have played. My only problem is that there aren't enough days to complete the game. I almost bet it one time but, when I got to the end that emo boss guy came outta no where and kicked my ass. So if you update the game I suggest you give people more days to work with. But other then that its great. I love how you get to kick some emo ass.

Liked it, but....

There did not seem to be enough options. The girl was weak on sex appeal and the battles seemed too random.

This was Brilliant and Fun to Play

This game was superb. I completed it on my second try after i learnt how to play it. It is really a strategic game.
My Advice to beat:
At start put half on intelligence and half on charm.
if you get in a fight right click and select play to Auto win.
When you start off work 2 times ask for promotion then go to bar and boost charnm do that until charm is 70/80.
Next you boost intelligence and promote yourself. Remember every time talk to Nene. Before going on a date buy 1 <3 and 2 Love flashes incase you mess up a question.
Ona date talk to her until she doesnt want to anymore then give her presents until the hearts in on 100% then take a phto and kiss.
get a sucessful date 2 times and youve won.