Reviews for "Newgrounds Museum 2"


LOve It

Epic boss

Why is it that I can beat every other boss but when I come to G-Bot I can't figure out how to kill the robot while it stands around and annihilates me.

The soundtrack was well creative and funny when it came to the clown battle too.

Really liked how you had to run around and help the other NG citizens get stuff before you could ever move on and escape the museum.

Pico had a pretty cool trenchcoat here that I really liked as well.

I have to say while it is challenging that this game is always been a fun piece to try to beat.

I still have yet to beat G-Bot sadly.


I DIED ON PURPOSE BY THE EYEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


final battle epic. gbot is totally badass

best game ever

that was awesome but i got kinda pissed when it came to the final boss because u had to do 3 things at once shoot the dumb scraps that fly at you,shoot him,and block the lasers