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Reviews for "Pico: Therapy"

Words Fail Me

cause that was freakin awesome :)


at the begining, he says:
"WHAT THE (F-word said) IS THAT"?! XD


my fav NG character has been awesomized again! thnx for not making pico look retarded the is one of the best pico flashes ever!

Foreign Creature

He looked like the Possessed human (Foreign Creature)

Super Man meets DBZ fighting style

So basically since thbullets can't really hurt him at all, he's like superman, but unlike him, he fights in a DZ kind of way, telwporting upper cut, smackign people through obstacles. Yeah DBZ has that, especially the the sword and slashignthem in half thing. Trunks does that in DBZ. I like the slicking the hair backwards part. It's like he's saying," I'm a badass, you don't stand a chance," or " Bring it punks." Pice you are one badass. Also Fleckogold please do more pico stuff, you art is awesome.-Alk