Reviews for "Pico: Therapy"

no way, man

ok, there a cople things wrong with this..

1) not enfuf blood
2) Pico is only cool when hes a kid
3) WTF! is he possesed by a freaky demon or something, thats messed up man

FleckoGold responds:

I'm glad to find that because of these reasons (one of which you negated by giving the violence a perfect 10) you decided to rate this flash with a 2. Instead of focusing on the bad all the time, why don't you look at both the good and the bad when reviewing? But then again, I don't expect you to understand being that you're just a kid...


P.S. And yes, he could be "possessed by a freaky demon or something, thats messed up man"


I liked this movie. Keep up the good work!

happy pico day!!

am is pico gonna shoot me for saying it so late?? I DONT WANNA DIE!!!!!! lol

How the hell did you do this in a week!?

I am amazed. Beautiful art, smooth animation, great atmosphere. This kind of masterpiece would take me at least a month.

How many hours a day were you working on it?

The only criticism I have is that when Pico was breathing, it was quite loud and made the therapist hard to hear. Other than that, this was spectacular. Scared the shit out of me too, haha.

FleckoGold responds:

I actually spent 30 non-stop-no-sleep on this during one of those days so that should give you a perspective on how many hours I put into it. So actually, you should really be asking "How many hours of SLEEP did you get during that week?" In which case, I'd estimate the answer to be around 24-30.
I prayed that I'd never have to do this kinda work again, but alas, I have come across a project I just finished in which I actually worked harder than this for about a month straight. (It actually took me about 3 1/2 months but because of school finals n all....) I won't actually be able to submit it to newgrounds until after the 18th of August though. VisionFest rules, sorry.
The whole breathing part was done intentionally, kinda showing that Pico was blocking the therapist out and was in his own world. I didn't actually want the therapist to be heard, thats why you had trouble hearing him.


the art was awesome

it was very awesome, but i liked the original middle school kid with gubns. the style was an 8 because it was a tribute but you had all new ideas. make some more, but please make them a tiny bit more realistic. =)) double chin