Reviews for "Jungle Rain"

Holy S***!!!!

This is the best ambient song I have heard! This goes straight into your soul, makes a mark and leaves. It should be in the movie: Numb!

Keep Em Coming!

lanky21 responds:

Thanks for the great review! Glad my song could commit emotional vandalism upon your soul. Keep checking back, man!

Holy cow the name fits perfect!

This work makes me calm...
I'm very distacted right now. Back to work!


relaxing and perfect for meditating


great track! adding you as my first favorite music artist ever :)
well done!!

lanky21 responds:

That's awesome! I'm going to add you as my first favorite tilman ever. Keep on rockin'!


amazing. +fav and bookmarking this.

i opened my bedroom window to let some cool air in and closed my eyes and i havent felt this relaxed in weeks.

lanky21 responds:

Glad I could help Wes! Now you won't go out and cap any fools due to stress.