Reviews for "Pico's School"

Tom I love you

I love this game.

well, its a classic alright...

wow, i always imagined tom fulps profile to be like... level 30 or something... i would of thought you would have made yourself with like... i dont't know 15voting power. o well, i myself had more fun with the remade version by mrNinya, but this is still entertaining. thx for ng and have a good day.


An awsome game! bit too many gradients but who cares! very well made.

One of the best

This is one of the best games ever. Happy Pico Day!


Didn't expect you to resubmit Pico's School. It's still a good game, though.

The story is simplistic, but in a good way.

The style of death, gore and violence is...interesting.

The music is good. But the sound gets a little annoying a little.

Violence! Yay!

The ending is funny. :P

Overall, a classic.

P.S. Is something special gonna happen today? Because people on the BBS say something bout a new layout or something. :\