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Reviews for "Resident Pico"

Halo is thy Tom Fulp; Creator of Newgrounds!

Very impressive game! I like the style of it too; did Mind Chamber do the animation? And then you do the scripting? Because that's kind of what it looks like... Fulp, you're very skilled while making games. I sense, one of these days, you will develope something mind boggling! Keep it up... I love you man, <33!

Best Game on Newgrounds...

... That was incredible, everything about it. I got a question, does the zombie that looks suspisiously like Dirge die? I shot him for like ever.

((( WOW )))

Wow this is what should have won for daily 1st, very fast very fun, and great detail like in the enemy, i espicialy like the gun fire and its effects very impressed, anyways great game very fun and very smooth work...

Nothing it was as perfect as i love this game awsome work...

A great pico day game, should be daily first...



The game is pretty hard but hey, this is a PICO game.
Thanks NEWGROUNDS Crew for making the best site on Earth.


BUt I dont know why you ha dtime for this and not Pico 2?