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Reviews for "Resident Pico"


this is SO awesome

and you used Pico 2 stuff!

thank you so much!!! ^___^


GREAT! How clever of you too think of combining Resident Evil and Pico. A master-mind in the making I say.
Okay, heres a run down.

Graphics - 10 : Incredibly done well, Love the zombies.

Style - 10 : Very well done, something I would never think of.

Sound- 10 : The music fits the game well and the gun shots and the zombies moans of pain are sweet.

Violence - 10 : No derrr....This game was built and born on violence.

Interactivity - 8 : The reason I put an eight is because you could have added weapon pick-ups and also, you could shoot these Fuel boxes that would explode. ( Its not because I have a Dark Aura, Its just constructive critism.)

Humor - 8 : I loved when the zombies lost there arms.

A pretty crazy game, mindchamber

~The good~

Solid graphics, Pico doesn't look too different from the last one, but still hard-ass. The zombies also looked really cool, especially when thier organs splattered on the ground after they died. I really loved the controls in this one, you move around very easily, and while you shoot, you parry, which is very helpful in situations when you're surrounded.

~The bad~

It would've been cool if you could move around in other areas, besides from that little block. You should've also added more things, like a scoreboard, ammo/reloading, new levels, and new guns. That would've made the game have a lot more replay value.

Overall, another great adition to pico day, good to see you getting involved more, mindchamber. Happy Pico Day!


Simple, yet effective!

The gameplay is short and simple, but it's a hell of a lot of fun! It's senseless violence like this that makes Newgrounds so great. It plays well, and MindChamber's animation is excellent.

It would be nice to add a button command that allows you to change directions while firing, though. Oh, and Nene looks strangely like an elf. :)

had a really fun time a bit easy to win thou

and as the last guy said howabout a scoring system the boss was cool