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Reviews for "Pico's Return"

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Nice movie, and unexpected ending. The art was a bit inconsistent, sometimes it looked great, others...not so much. Also, I didnt know the Ebaumsworld HQ was protected by Pokeballs ;).
Graphics: During the black and white parts, everything looks nice, however I felt that during the coloured part, the art got a bit rough. The animation wasnt very smooth, however the shading one the background and characters compensate that. Yeah, thats how good the shading was.
Sound: All the tunes played at the right part, meaning fitted what was going on.

Overall: Nice movie, nice ending, a bit choppy art, but good enough(Its above "good")


nice work you are the few who have shown us that pico is the heart and soul of newgrounds

Great flash

like how you made everything sorta form up into its own part releasing color into picos world when he finnaly made his decison to help newgrounds and tom.

PS: lol i know that ending song its from some band i cant remember the name of the band i just remember after they play the guitar like that the singer starts saying she is not scard to fall.
its kitty or somethin right?


Nice Flash. The twist at the end was kind of a rip-off of the intro to Joe Zombie though. While Piconjo's not actually an undead Pico, it's a nice reimagining.


that was awesome how he came back to life at the end i guest the cool never dye