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Reviews for "Pico's Return"

its alright

its not that bad but not too good. i'd give it a 70 out of a 100. but still pico dies? just about never does. but at that 1 part in the movie around the end when he struck his hand into him. that was a little weird. and what was the njo on his grave? besides that alright.

for a pico flash

it does pay due homage to pico, but it's barely more than decent. You could've done better on artwork, but animation was pretty smooth, and the sound was cut together pretty well. Voice acting could have had more to it, but it did the job okay. not that great work, shows clear signs of having been rushed at parts.

okay, i really dont get it

if pico could punch a hole into that guy, why would he need the stupid bomb? pico wouldn't have died then. how stupid

besides that, okay stuff, not that great, not that bad

Afro-Ninja responds:

Ssh, no one likes an over-analyzer

not bad...

....it was not bad, graphics could have been better, but damn, u realisticlly drew Tom Fulp :D


killing bauman would be cheating... where's the honor???