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Reviews for "Pico's Return"

You are god

Simply put
you are god...
This is definately my favorite Pico Day Flash other than the 3d remake of the origional game
but yeah
you are brilliant and a very talented artist
i want more!
I would love to put up some of your flash in my portal
it's not an automated portal at the time, as my host doesn't support PHP
but i'm getting a better host soon
so yeah
but all the info is on the page
if you want to you can check it out, link in my profile
it would be an honor to host some of your flash
thank you for your time and keep it up!

A great Pico Day Flash

~The Pros~

This flash was really well done. It was very original, since I haven't really heard or seen of any flashes bashing on Ebaums World. The graphics were pretty good, but the backgrounds were really well done. The sound was really great. All of the object sounds were really well done, and the little voice acting that was in this flash was done really well. I really enjoyed how you encorporated the black and white animation to represent the emnity, sadness, and depression running through Pico's head. There was a lot of gore, especially when Pico stuck his head in Eric's heart, but it really didn't affect me.

~The Cons~

This flash was pretty well done, but there were soe minor things that were sort of annoying. For example, this wasn't exactly the best animated flash that you have made. The other flash you made with -poxpower- was a lot better animated. But besides that, there really wasn't anything wtong with this flash.

Overall, a really great flash that I enjoyed a lot. I hoped you benefit from this flash.

5 out of 5


THere is not much to say but. LONG LIVE PICO!! and hop there is more.

Nice man!

Man this was fantasic!
The way made this movie was good since pico actually had retired since Tom never made Pico 2.
Loved the Drama.The Drama bring the score up from the rushed part.

Great flash

like how you made everything sorta form up into its own part releasing color into picos world when he finnaly made his decison to help newgrounds and tom.

PS: lol i know that ending song its from some band i cant remember the name of the band i just remember after they play the guitar like that the singer starts saying she is not scard to fall.
its kitty or somethin right?