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Reviews for "Pico's Return"

Three Words...

WTF? It seems that your movie was very popular with most of the people who have reviewed your movie, but why? Your graphics to be honest were poor, I have seen better in blammed submissions. And your style and story had a good concept but were quickly ruined after the first thiry seconeds. Also, music was very poor. As well as that crap you call "Voice-Acting". Violence was also poor, as half of the movie was a monolouge (Which by the way you tried way to hard on.) and the majority of the movie that was violent was with gay little balls.... that by the way didn't serve any purpose but to waste time. And the story with ebaums was gay, and could have been carried out so much better then you did. What I want to know however, is how people gave you interactivity scores, when all you do is hit the play button? I am also wondering how people gave you a humor score for this movie, even if it would have been a good movie there is still absolutley no humor in it at all. At the end of the day, all you did was make something to waste five miniutes of other people's lives, and you don't derserve to make a Pico movie.

Excellent story.

That was really great and i really enjoyed it,at first it was kinda sad and i thought it was pretty funny the way Bauman was thrown in there,excellent artwork to an amazing story. :)

Decent flash

Ebaums world could never be so popular considering their robbery of flash from Newgrounds and Forums from Somethingawful

excellent flash movie

Very well done pico movie. Graphics drawn well and animated quite well. Great use of background music. voice acting was very well done. Great idea for a movie. Ebaum's world isn't really competing with newgrounds is it? I never go to that site... I don't think there are other sites out there that can compete with this site... but anyway, it was cool to see pico do what he did. He did some fighting and some suicidal bombing... but eventually turned into a zombie. hah nice work!

waa, how sad :(

it was a nice story ^-^, but need some improvement on the graphics, but the video was quite touching.