Reviews for "Pico's Day To Die"

its very cool but also very difficult

its made very awesome but its not that easy to play when i shoot at the dudes with fire they dont die they just burn me to hell, i didnt get not far at all

JackLee responds:

Those guys require 2 hits to drop them to thier knees, and a final hit to kill.

You could have made it easier

Yeah, you could. I always, ALWAYS get killed by those small guys.

awesome game!!!

that was a nice game, you got to help me to do games like this! i realy whana learn PM ME! :D pls.. i gave ya icon 5 and rating 10

great game

but i have my doubts ANYONE scored onehundred and one kills. but hey ya never know.

i rate 10

i really liked this game by the way i olmost reached your score =P soo i rate 10 to your game =) keep making more games cuz this 1 is Fun