Reviews for "Pico's Day To Die"

this game is da shit!

this game is da mothafuckin shit! enuff said.

fun but simple

i reckon it's the best pico game iv'e played, good job.

oh yeah

the only problem i have is the biker alway kill me. He's' too fast

JackLee responds:

Some tips:
1. You can sidestep the little white guys by turning around when they are close to your legs.

2. Any explosions can kill enemies, including Bikers.

3. Not really a tip, but when you are cut open by the bikers, wait for some little white guys to come onto the screen, and they will play in your guts. :)

Thanks for the review.


that game is hard put fun. But what's up with those little white things.

really dam hard

i gave u a 10 cause ur getting shitty scores but the game really is 2 hard i got to 11 kills then i got my head chopped off by motorcycle dude after i had just killed one