Reviews for "Pico's Day To Die"

Finally, a good Pico flash.

I liked how the entire animation flowed, like how Pico turned, and how his legs moved. Nice music, and a good challenge as well. And it's cool seeing how kick ass Pico looks in this. And cool looking preloaders, and nice job on the menu screen.

This is so far the best Pico flash I've seen so far. Let's hope today goes as well as this flash.

Awesome job on the whole thing. 5/5. :)

Happy Pico Day!

Dude this game is kickass! The graphics rocked, nice tune, good blood, and great gameplay. However, it was either waay too hard or I just suck, most likely the latter. :(

5'd and 10'd

That was Fucking Awesome

Nice job!

I don't know if it was just me, but it was pretty difficult to get over 15 kills XD

It's good, but you can improve it, maybe after a certain amount of kills a new level? new weapons? I dunno, just a few ideas.

good game though

freakin sweet

game is pretty good controls could use work but every thing else is good