Reviews for "Pico's Day To Die"


it was GOOD thats all i have to say .....

A Good Tribute to Pico Indeed.

The controls do take a little to get used to, but otherwise there is nothing wrong with this game.
BTW, I enjoyed the references to Capcom's Crazy-Conpiracy based surreal thriller, Killer7 (If you shoot the pyromanic after he kneels down, stubbs, sockets, and all, he implodes into a bajillion blood particles).

it get easier

At the start the game is too hard, I often ran into multiple spawns that just wasnt possible to survive. A other things is when I turn and walk the other way I tend to run into things and die before i even see them, because the view just gradually increase infront of the character when he change direction.

The game accutaly seems to get easier after getting to the far left right corner the first time. Seems like the biker kills off quite a few spawns which gives me less to kill :P. uhm.. maybe it should start out a bit easier and get more difficult, not the other way around :P.

got to 65 kills.

dude, wtf?

if they come from both sides when you turn around, and those pissant kids with the bad haircut kill you as soon as you turn around, how the fuck do you win>? dont make the m come from both sides. fix it.
I got pissted too many times. its impossible. only make them come from one damn side.

good job

reminded me of beavis and butthead kind of

anyways i think maybe pico should have health rather than one hit kill

good job