Reviews for "04: Pico visits Pullman"

Happy Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day!

Good movie, liked the 3-dness of it, could've used more animation than just some rotating but oh well.

5 and a 10 in the spirit of Pico Day!

And you say pico funny, haha.

Really good

But... is it pronounced (pie-co) or (pee-co), Im not really sure, but I though it was pronouced (pee-co), but that doesn't matter, because this is still pretty good.

(( Lol entertaining ))

Haha i liked this, the "Voices" were notbad decent actually, the artwork was nice and it has some nice style to it, my oly concern was the size of the file, but besides that it was very entertaining, nice job.

Just some reduction of the file would be great.

Another pico episode, i hope you continue on this its good stuff.


I'll give you this much...

Congrats on this being this first ever Pico Day flash,the animation was very original and kinda cute i suppose but the voices we're recorded very low and bad quality,not a bad Pico flash none the less.

A wierd art style

~The good~

The best Pico's flash i've seen yet :\ Also, you have a very original art-style, it's sort of 3-D, but different somehow. Th voice acting was also pretty good

~The bad~

For one, it's really short. It seems like it's just getting started and than it ends. Another problem I had was the lack of lip syching, it looked really stupid and motionless. Also, some of the characters don't really fit there, lik a pikachu and other random shit.

Overall, an okay tribute to Pico's Day, but ends when it's about to get going.


Mileko responds:

The pikachu and other random stuff in the intro were scenes from other episodes.