Reviews for "04: Pico visits Pullman"

A wierd art style

~The good~

The best Pico's flash i've seen yet :\ Also, you have a very original art-style, it's sort of 3-D, but different somehow. Th voice acting was also pretty good

~The bad~

For one, it's really short. It seems like it's just getting started and than it ends. Another problem I had was the lack of lip syching, it looked really stupid and motionless. Also, some of the characters don't really fit there, lik a pikachu and other random shit.

Overall, an okay tribute to Pico's Day, but ends when it's about to get going.


Mileko responds:

The pikachu and other random stuff in the intro were scenes from other episodes.

Happy Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day!

Good movie, liked the 3-dness of it, could've used more animation than just some rotating but oh well.

5 and a 10 in the spirit of Pico Day!

And you say pico funny, haha.