Reviews for "04: Pico visits Pullman"

Really good

But... is it pronounced (pie-co) or (pee-co), Im not really sure, but I though it was pronouced (pee-co), but that doesn't matter, because this is still pretty good.

(( Lol entertaining ))

Haha i liked this, the "Voices" were notbad decent actually, the artwork was nice and it has some nice style to it, my oly concern was the size of the file, but besides that it was very entertaining, nice job.

Just some reduction of the file would be great.

Another pico episode, i hope you continue on this its good stuff.



erm no offense but poop but at least you got voices but you need to get better -.-' Wheres the action/ killing No talking animals next time Please

made me cry

that was a pico flash? sigh


This wasnt even made in flash

Mileko responds:

Theres plenty of movies on Newgrounds not made in flash.