Reviews for "Spiegel der Vergangenheit"

it's like...

An army of water fairies taking me to their land and teaching me their ways
later we have a dance party and fall asleep under the stars
but then the party continues in our dreams
that's just my opinion

Semaphore responds:

a great opinion ^^

thank you very much ZombieShogun


A very nice german feel to it. Germans always did do the nicest music :D

Semaphore responds:

thanl you very much ^^

dou you play League of Legends or CoD? ^^


PRO. that was sex in my ears!

Semaphore responds:

amen ^^


Its a awesome music, all my 10 are belong to this!

Semaphore responds:

HYES! thank you very much =)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OELqUCFr88A love it! First heard it in BulkDominoes vs Lamping Dominoes by DominoERDMANN (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OELqUCFr88A) and thought i would download it. I searched what Spiegel der Vergangenheit and it said it means Mirror the past. is that right?

Semaphore responds:

Mirror of the past I think that's right. Thank you very much =)