Reviews for "Nene Interactive Suicide"

Woah flashback (pun intended)

Ha i remember when that first came out, still like it.

My bad

I didn't read the description properly for Darnell's flash. I just never realised these weren't part of the portal. Blasphemy!

But anywho, Nene Interactive Suicide will always bring a smile to my face. Probably more to do with the cheesey blood effects though :)

So much for education!

What does Lactose do to your body? How do you build a device to erase exciting places like Des Moines or the Twin Cities from the map?

All these important questions and much more are answered in these short educational films.

Good work, sir! No school should miss them. And due to Newgrounds popularity, quite probably none will...

very fun

just as before- this is great!