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Reviews for "How Tupac Was Murdered."

I pity the fool who ate my cheetos,mother fucker!

Look at your fingers! they oange! You ate my cheetos at the party,didnt you?!
I loved it and thought it was well funny, but isnt it a bit disrespectful? I mean I never liked Tupac, but its a bit of a parody out of his murder.
It was very funny, but a bit... wrong... do you know what I mean?

To sum up...

"I pity the fool that ate my cheetos, mother fucker!"
God damn that was funny.

1cheddar1 is a dumbass

okay seriously rock is way better than any shitty ass rap. at least rockers have talent and can play something that requires work instead of singing to some shitty ass beat that was made from computers

Da shit!

This is some funny stuff. Maybe some ppl finde it offensive, but look, its funny gotta admit it, one of the funniest stuff ive seen on this site, but the bitchy tupac voice was messed up, but still funny, I never get tired of watching this!

funny as heck

I pity the fool who eats my cheetos, ROFLMAO! that was funny man funny