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Reviews for "How Tupac Was Murdered."

funny shit

this a funny bit of shit. it might be a good idea to make this in to an assasain type movie where u have to chase 2pacs car and then kill him!

yay! now we know!


So THAT'S how he died...

Exelent work. BTW, what makes you come up with these INSANE ideas?! Fun...


My favorite; in all its glory.

All you 'Pac fans should lighten up; if there were a movie about the Unabomber (Whom I'll remind you killed many people), you probably would have laughed your ass off. And as we all know, we shouldn't make fun of the Unabomber because he killed many people, which isn't funny. I don't draw the damn logic some of you people come up with. Bentframe wasn't making fun of Tupac by saying he wasn't an artist; they were just making fun of him. That's what happens when you step up to the front - You get made fun of.

It was funny but went a little overboard

I liked it it was humorus but it went a little overboard i think we can agree on this so watch it its funny about the cheetos part lol.