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Reviews for "How Tupac Was Murdered."

One of the BEST

This is one of the best entried I have seen, and I go through alot of them! Mr.T is GREAT! If you haven't yet, see the prequel to this one. It's not as good but it is damn funny!

Please! Give me mroe Mr.T!!


hahaha......killed by mr.t over cheetos.....hahahahahahaha..Br ian Beaton is sure damned talented


Go to http://www.mp3.com/bentframe/ This guy is a FUCKING GENIUS. The prequel...oh god...one of the most hilarious flash cartoons on this whole fucking site....

Tupac's Trapped in an Icebox!

This was pretty good, great audio, but still, when am I going to see actual ANIMATION around here? I want see an animaiton where someone drew each frame and made it look good. Like at Icebox or Spumco.

oh my god

That was the funniest shit I have ever seen I love the whole idea of tupac being killed by mr. t over a bag of cheetos...to all of u out there who don't think this is funny ROLL YOUR WINDOW DOWN