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Reviews for "How Tupac Was Murdered."

The attempt at bleeping was a little obnoxious and failed at hiding the word. But it made me laugh too. The concept was original and funny, and I really enjoyed the clip. Making Tupac into a little girl practically was a bit mean though XD

I knew it.... all these years and finally solid proof! Though he survived and lives on mars with Elvis and MJ.....

-original- big point
-voice acting was meh
-animation was lacking

Kewdos to originality though, dont get many real life/non meme/ Tupac videos on the NG. Keep it up

This is a timeless flash, you recognize all the characters, Mr. T even makes an A-Team reference. Good ole' newgrounds. Thank you to whoever through this on the front page, I would like to see to be remnded of some of the great classics. I'm going to go club seals now.

bad detail and a little funny

I got a good laugh out of it, the story concept and voices were perfect but the animation quality kinda killed it. But fret not, its going on the fav wall for being so funny happy 4/20/2012