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Reviews for "How Tupac Was Murdered."

AhHAHA Tupac was a pussi

Tupac was a bitch Mr T. owns his ass ahahah, i am glad tupac is dead cause hes a pussy ass bitch who needs to have his corpse raped

just plain insulting

I like the way this flash is a whole series of toons and normally includes the exact same characters. The whole cheetos thing was kind of funny at first but then it was ruined because you went too far with it making Mr T murder Tupac because of it, which just became really stupid and sad. Also its kind of insulting due to Tupac really dying.

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Omg a wonderous thing!


Ok..so the apperance of Mr. T was kind of funny. Seriously now, Tupac needs to be repected as a poet, as a rapper and human being. This was a grody, insulting cartoon. And I don't believe Tupac was a little bitch. Shape up and create something funny.

I like tupac but...

I like tupac but this was still funny though...

Since it was tupac i gave it a 1 in vote and a overall 5 in review...

Funny stuff

Very funny.