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Reviews for "How Tupac Was Murdered."

Nostalgia at its best! I love the comments now by all the little kids who have no idea what this animation meant to NG back in the day. This was top shelf stuff! I remember how the computer lab in HS tried to block NG just because of this flash.

And Scrotum the puppy, god damn it feels like summer vacation 2000 all over!

Wow I remember being a Freshman in high school back in 2000 when this came out. It's amazing how far Newgrounds has come. I still remember going to the slitfinger and cloud9 website way back when. This is pretty hilarious. you should watch the prequel!

slit finger! brought that shit back yo!

Oh... my... God... I remember seeing this when it first came out. The nostalgia is amazing!

People should understand that this was made in 2000, and was great by the standards then. Bravo, Mr. Beaton.