Reviews for "2255ce"

As My Name States

This was really addicting and a real brain teaser. And sweet music.

can-o-spam responds:

Hey, thanks for the kind words.


I don't know... I removed the game at once because it bored me because I am not very patient but is good... I think it's almost same at the game Another World, of Sega Genesis.

can-o-spam responds:

Sorry to hear it bored you. Glad to hear it made you think of Another World.


is there any way to stop that thing from blowing up? or do i have to beat the game in ten seconds...

can-o-spam responds:

I've added a hint (ie. how to do it) to the description. Just exit the first screen to the right and close the door on the second screen (with the red button).

sorry man...

but it just isn't that great.


This game is very similar to Flashback on the SNES and Genesis, even in character animations and cutscenes, but that's not a bad thing! Awesome work on this game.

can-o-spam responds:

Glad to hear it. Flashback is a great game.