Reviews for "Hortencate"


YO, I Just finished Smokn' a fat Blunt to myself...and sh!!!!!!!!t thats just what I needed , sh!t was trippy man, I would love to see more !
The Fukn' Backgrounds dude ! , THE FUKN' BACKGROUNDS !

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That would be pretty crazy on shrooms. Especially when the hand is on that pulsating thing.

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RandOm lol

I Liked It Very Random

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Trippy man...

That was such a good flash. I loved the fact you put a Malice Mizer song in. I sooooo loooooooooove them... *cough* Anyway. Keep up the good work. Like I said earlier though... Trippy... Must watch again!

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i heart ddr...

ok... i'm reviewing this for the sole purpose of seeing if you'll reply to it... you've done it for almost all of them so far... oh and also... ddr is awsome and i heart it... so i guess that wasnt the "sole" purpose but whatever... good flash... made me smile

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farting farts.