Reviews for "Hortencate"

Will you ever cease to amaze me zekey?

Great...much like sex but I don't have to doanything.

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Too artistic for me,but a wonderful job,the best i've ever seen before...my best congratulations

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The Best?
oh my

Nice display or randomness

3/5 8/10
9 = graphics. Much work has being done for the pictures of this flash (or so I hope). The colors and the confusing details together forms a nice basis for your random flash events.
8 = style. Kinda cheesy in the beginning. Many ups and downs for the judgement of the style through out the flash. The throbbing pain in the brain is a nice touch, however the sprite running around is a bit pointless. Although flashing the screen quickly in a sequence of inverted colors is a good way to display the confusion of the character, overdoing it hurts the viewers' eyes which usually causes them to terminate the flash before reaching the end. (I watched it to the end). Try thinking more orignally. (this is easir said then done, I know that, but if you want to excell in this type of flash you have to constantly come up with new things.)
10 = sound. Very nice selection. The mood change was well acompanied by the music's change of tone. (ex. The part where the alien dies.) The finishing song in japanese adds a finishing touch to the randomness of the work.
2 = violence. Minute, thus I presume not focus of the flash.
0 = interactivity. It's a film.
5 = humor. Certain parts of the film certainly contains humor, but most of it gets killed off by cheesy display of mental distortions. (By cheesy I mean lame cheesy).

This video in general is good and has potential to be better. I suggest you polish and change certain parts of the flash. (especially the beginning with the loading bar and the zoom-in diamond). I look forward to your futur productions.

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No, I think I'll leave it as it is.



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New. Clea. Arr. Spewn.


Cheese bin advertising!!
nice work, lollies ruin lives...

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that they do, Haroshi.

That they do.