Reviews for ""Space Debris 2010 Reloaded""


I can't find the words to describe what I want to say... lol I haven't had an amiga but I can imagine what it could be. The song is very multifarious and has many different parts - all awesome! I dare say it's the best video game song in NG - at least the best I ever heard. Congrats and definitely keep it up!

XayberOptix responds:

Thanks for the great review! I was listening to it after I had already uploaded it and heard a little "snare glitch" at 1:05. Sorry about that. Wish I could re-upload a new version to replace this one without creating another entry on Newgrounds. Ahhh well... :( If you want the glitch-less version, just email me. Actually, I will upload a good version to youtube along with video. Just search XayberOptix on youtube. :)


I FREAKIN' LOVE this song!
I don't own an Amiga either, but I can easily appreciate this song on its own merits.
I saw you complimenting ParagonX9 on his mixing, but yours is equally SUPERB in my opinion.
Great use of synths. Each is full vibrant in its own way, but they also stand out from each other as well. Such variety in one song is wonderful listening to.
I liked your drums, but they were very low-key. Personally, I would have boosted the kick a bit, and definitely would've given the clap something extra. They aren't the point though, and the beat is kept well.
Once again, brilliant mixing; any tips? Listen to any of my recent songs with FL. I struggle to achieve the same separation of sounds that you do. I would explode from happiness if I were as good as this.
Oh, and you can upload a new version of a song. Just go to 'edit song' and click the upload file like you do when you submit.
Great work. Favorited!


XayberOptix responds:

I can't edit it because newground said the song has had too many listens. :(


That was really epic. Am waiting for MORE! :D Really awesome for me next game. I should really use it. Thanks for making this.


Good stuff.

I haven't listened to anything on NG for a while now, but this caught my ear. Good stuff man.


There I was thinking the remix in Rochard was awesome, THEN I FIND THIS and my internal AAS gets completely overloaded (Awesomeness Absorption Systems). I'm still trying to shake it off, but it's hard, because I can't get enough of this.

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