Reviews for "R!SE"

kick ass

awsome, one of the best games i have played so far

Denvish responds:

Thanks! Get yourself at the top of the scoreboard, one good throw will do it!

Wow.... this is pretty amazing =D

NO WAIIII, this is marvelous.
Graphics are amazing, as they are AS!. So was the style, the music, the violence =)
Awesome work, you deserved a better prize, but hell, i dont mind the 4 place, this rocks :)


Denvish responds:

I don't mind the 4th place either =)

Awesomely Fun, I salute you

Now, the thing is. For some reason unknown to me people are giving this low scores. I for one know that it must have taken bloody ages to make this, and a lot of thought must have gone into it. Now a days it seems most games on here are meer Alien hominid clones. Where as some people actually put some effort in and come up with something original and god damn fun :P This game is awesome and deserves more than an average score (except for the bloody annoying music, thats the only problem, to make it perfect you need an option to turn the music off)

lol, 21k you say

26k total score, with an height of 22k =P

Nice game overall


I like this game... The whole Idea of killing my lil creation gets me... I like the music that plays when you toss the lil bugger and the fact that I can save up to 5 guys is pretty cool... This game has made it into my top 10 fav's.. Klein