Reviews for "R!SE"


Great game man! You cheered me right up with the cute little characters I could make with it :3

Well, graphics were stupendous, the style of the whole thing was pheonomanal, the song was catchy (was it a remake of the underwater levels in mario?) Very interactive, humerous due to the characters, so overall, great job!

Denvish responds:

Yeah, it was Mario Water level - one of my favourite VG tunes (nostalgia...), check the credits (in the creature builder) for a link to the audio file

Nice to see the API dress-up completed!

I remember you mentioning starting an API dress-up for the (now dead) API collab. And here it is, combined with a fun game. Congrats on another sweet pure code jewel.
The graphics must have taken forever to draw and integrate through APIT. I agree with your comment (somewhere, review response?) that API games will have a though time in scoring unless they get better graphics. I think we're not too far though. I only wish we could generate sounds as well..

Denvish responds:

Yeah, that would be cool. Closest I've come is to use tiny snippets (microseconds) of sound (see: Chalice) and loop them to produce a certain pitch - it's quite possible to produce 8-bit-ish tunes for a very small filesize that way, but unfortunately not pure code


absolutely awesome, you can not only make the cutest little creatures, but can also smash them, although it makes me sad, because i spent time making the sad little soildiers.....


this game is so freaken.........cool...i never would have thought of anything like it.great job ,bye


i like to just pick the creature up and smash it on the groun it gives me the lolz. XD