Reviews for "R!SE"

Cute and fun for a while.

Was pretty fun for a while, but only stays that way for so long.

Max Height: 19741
Bonus: 2525
Time Bonus: 1740

Final Score: 24006



this game is cool,i actually like the part when you blow it to death!

Well this game isn`t really the best but

this game is GODDAMN FUNNY.
I`ve played that game about err dono uhmm 785904275 times cause i was bored and the game is funny.
The creature editor need definetly more thingys.

Anyway this game is well made and seriously some kinda funny.
Good job dooood.
Thanks for this.

Fine game.

R!se is a fine game, but back then, when I wanted to play it, my computer says, "Virus detected", now, I got to play it, and like I said, it's fine. I like it. I think it's addicting now! Anyway, I like the creatures I created. They are cool, but not cute. But still, It's addicting!

i like it

its a good game