Reviews for "R!SE"


This was great and extremely addicting! I love it!

Denvish responds:



Denvish I love you.

Great game!

This is an awesome game. Simply amazing that it was done entirely from code. This is addictive and fun, I love the idea of making a pet and tossing it. The "splat" is also quite viscerally satisfying, and the "kill" is a necessary feature when you do a crappy throw and just want it over with.

Great job overall.

Spoilers for those who are having trouble:

The game measures the speed of your throw by using the time it takes for your mouse to make it to the top of the screen. To improve this:

1) Increase your mouse sensitivity (durr)
2) Hold down the left mouse button on your creature with one hand, use the other to flick the mouse quickly away from you

Tip: When you see a trampoline, hit space and try to get above it. Land on it as far above it as you can and repeat. If you hit a trampoline by happenstance, hit space at the peak of your ascent. Go up and look for trampolines to boost you up further.

WARNING: Do not fly directly upwards unless you're trying to land straight on a trampoline. Give your little guy some sideways motion or you'll plummet straight down to death (which is bad).

To cheat, edit the URL of the newground game popup. Some commands are passed in as PHP parameters. The one of interest is at the end of the URL -- namely, the size. Decrease the size to something small, say, 100x200. Start the game and whip your mouse to the top like your normally would. The game is now so small it takes you almost no time at all to reach the screen top and so your character flies up super-fast. I've gotten so high it took literally 7 minutes of free-fall to return to visible landscape (that is, deep blue sky with bonuses)




i made nyan and killed him XD